Hi there. Today’s a great Sunday! And now I think, why did people actually came up with 5-day work week? Why not 4? 3-day weekend is just so good. Well, I can question this decision but I guess I have to obey the rules. Unless I become good enough to break them 🙂 And today, woken up early, I still have a whole day in front of me. (Now that I write this post I am already way beyond awakening time).

One of the things I started to do over the large weekend was to keyword my image library. The reason why I started doing it was that it is getting hard (even in my pretty well-organized library) to get out of memory location of certain images, not mentioning the usecase “filter all images with clearly autumn mood” or so.  I started small in order to start because my catalog accumulated thousands of images over seven years. So I started with this month. And whatever I touch when I go through the images. What I wanted to share is that it is so hard to do it consistently, at least for me. Maybe you developed a workflow that works for you and want to share?

Otherwise, here’s one of a few street pictures that I left in color. I love reflections. And love what I started doing with reflections. When shooting within 16-35 range, everything is suddenly so close, including them. And they look nice in overall composition, sometimes.S-Bahn Operator

I am getting hungry. Where’s my bag of ramen?:) Thanks for stopping by today.