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Hi there. Today’s a great Sunday! And now I think, why did people actually came up with 5-day work week? Why not 4? 3-day weekend is just so good. Well, I can question this decision but I guess I have to obey the rules. Unless I become good enough to break them 🙂 And today, woken up early, I still have a whole day in front of me. (Now that I write this post I am already way beyond awakening time).

One of the things I started to do over the large weekend was to keyword my image library. The reason why I started doing it was that it is getting hard (even in my pretty well-organized library) to get out of memory location of certain images, not mentioning the usecase “filter all images with clearly autumn mood” or so.  I started small in order to start because my catalog accumulated thousands of images over seven years. So I started with this month. And whatever I touch when I go through the images. What I wanted to share is that it is so hard to do it consistently, at least for me. Maybe you developed a workflow that works for you and want to share?

Otherwise, here’s one of a few street pictures that I left in color. I love reflections. And love what I started doing with reflections. When shooting within 16-35 range, everything is suddenly so close, including them. And they look nice in overall composition, sometimes.S-Bahn Operator

I am getting hungry. Where’s my bag of ramen?:) Thanks for stopping by today.

The Concert

Hey there! Writing that while I am still fresh with emotions. Just came home from the concert. Yann Tiersen. From the beginning, he was for me ‘the Amelie soundtrack guy’. Then, he became ‘the Good bye Lenin soundtrack guy’. I didn’t even think that he performs live until now. And he is fan-tas-tic. The concert – an instrumental heaven. Piano, violin, guitar, harmonica, tubular bells (if I’m not mistaken), numerous percussions and all oh-so-well mixed together.. Very acoustic. And yet very powerful. I feel charged. Thank you, Mr. Tiersen.

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