As I mentioned yesterday, there was one extra day added to this weekend thanks to Germany’s Reunification. And I love that feeling: “it’s already second day of weekend, but it is Saturday!” 🙂 Also, as mentioned yesterday, I didn’t leave the apartment throughout the day, so I had a chance to watch couple of nice movies: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind and Princess Mononoke. Both were produced by Studio Ghibli, the first one though, not officially – it was produced before the studio was founded.

Well, anyway, a long weekend, and today’s evening (if I’m lucky) should end with a concert. I mentioned it couple of times already, so I will not tell which one until it happens. So please wish me luck, since I still feel sick-ish. And as promised, some new pictures. Street and black and white.

Thanks for stopping by today.