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Hi there. Today’s Wednesday and.. It’s close, yes. Yesterday was an anniversary of one of the coolest people I’ve ever met and the one who did take a big part in my life, Dmitry aka Cooch so let’s all say “Happy Birthday!” to him again and wish lots and lots of very good things. 30 is definitely a big date, cooler than that is only 50 🙂 Btw, following photo is really old, and one of the first I’ve ever shot.


Of myself.. Well, regular fall in energy level, I guess. Messing with cold second day in a row, hoping to be fit for the flight on Saturday. So, sorry to all for the commitments that I didn’t fulfil 🙁 I’ll try to do my best in the days to follow. Wish everybody good night. Stay healthy!

Guten Morgen!

And good it is indeed. With switching of clock back to CET, waking up had got much easier. Maybe it also happens due to promises of really good weather. So, cup of ginger tee a piece of dark-dark chocolate and a warm shower. And then – another awesome day at the office.. That’s how I see it looking forward 🙂 And, by the way, 5 にち.

I decided that I better dissolve numerous posts on night photography with some pictures taken during the day. Thus, streets of Berlin, taken with amazing Nastya, very beginning of October:

Have a good working week and see you next time!

How does future look?

Sometimes looking for an answer to the question “how does future look?” I answer to myself “I don’t know how it looks, but I surely know where it starts”. One of places that make me think of such answers is Regierungsviertel located on the bank of the Spree river. It is one of my most favourite places in Berlin and it is probably the most futuristic place to my taste, at least among the ones that I like. Why? Look below. This is how this place looks during the night.

What do I like? Transparency. Light. It’s not glass-metal and concrete. It is material and light, mixed together and supporting each other. One gives lightness, the other – solidity. One provides neutral and silvery colours the other makes it shine.Paul-Löbe-HausThanks for stopping by. See you next time!

Weekend & Festival of Lights

Weekend is already here. Which means, one week before vacation. One week.. With all plans on how-what-where I didn’t really see those three-and-something months that passed since I booked the journey. And this is very cool – it means I actually did something during that time.

Didn’t post for a while.. So what are the news.. News are – my router “ging kaputt”, that is, died. Which effectively means I have no possibility to access my NAS anymore, that is, no access to picture archive. Moreover, I have no internet connection at home, but (big) thanks to my awesome neighbours I can stay connected through their hotspot until I fix my access. Today I became one step closer to the solution, that is, waited for 45 minutes for Telekom Support and (yes!) explained (in German!) what is the problem, answering all those silly questions (“yes, no lights are blinking, yes I’ve tried different power outlet, yes there is a liquid which smells funny”) and so on and so for. And I’m actually pretty proud of it 🙂 In the end they are sending me a replacement router which I should use to restore networking harmony, he he.

Finally, pictures. Sorry for taking so long. What do I have for today? Ones that I have on my laptop 🙂 Thanks to CloudStation I have my non-archive pictures synced so even without NAS being online I still have access to them. Hence, Festival of Lights: continuation of the “official” part.

See you next time!

Interwoven with Autumn

A little busy lately, thus not many things to say. Vacation is soon. And that conveys a little feel of panic: “did I think of all I need” stuff. Well, if not than not. At least I hope not to forget good mood, good health and a camera.

Interwoven with Autumn

Enjoy the evening and see you soon!


This time it seems it was really a bit too much. I need to learn the middle between “active” and “exhausted”. Usually with me it is always extreme. People say it’s about Scorpios’ nature – always go to the very edge. Well, maybe people are right. So, learning the middle. Starting with a pause – sleep. Now. Good night, everybody. See you next time.


Festival of Lights: Alternative

Yesterday we did another round of visits to Festival of Lights together with Denis Konovalov and Nikolai Masnikov. Since it was my second time already, I had a bit of room for fun and experimentation without a burden of capturing the main festival sights. And thus, this time I wanted to publish an alternative look at festival of lights: some visitors, street musicians, and, well, everything that I considered interesting. This time, centred mostly around people.

Traditional festival pictures are still going to follow, stay tuned!

Autumn Strikes

One day and so many photographs. Oh I love autumn. These colors. And fog. And scent. And chilly wind. I so much love it.

The Autumn


Best things that happened to me, happened in autumn. The more I try to remember, the more I feel that way. I was born in Autumn. I actually didn’t like it when I was a kid – I was always the youngest among same-year-olds. I met some wonderful people in Autumn. Made some decisions that changed my life quite a lot. That’s why I love it. It and all the memories associated with it. And thus, pictures.

Good night, my friends. And see you next time.


In Color

Last week I was exceptionally bad in playing piano, that is, well, I didn’t even touch it. And you know what? I should’ve. Because it is so amazing to play some of your favourite (or some old and almost forgotten) songs from time to time. So today I spent two hours with this brilliant instrument, he he. Now I have to catch up with something else:)

Tomorrow is already Friday and this weekend is promising to be quite packed, so I need to finish all these little things to free some time for the bigger ones. One of those “little ones” is pictures, from September. Month was so productive that I still have some two series (or maybe more) of pictures that I want to publish, and this month I’ve already got something interesting to develop as well.  So, september. When it was still sunny and very very warm. In color this time.

See you next time!

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