Social networks have transformed in the last couple of years. Previously, people were into posting statuses, sharing their pictures, possibly music etc. etc. Nowadays, much of the content I see in my social network feed are retweets/reposts. So, from generating content behaviours have changed to sharing content which someone else have previously written.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? But consider now that more than half of the material is comprised of advertisement and viral images which usually don’t bring any value (e.g. knowledge). So instead of giving people a platform to share their content, social networks are giving people a “food” for sharing. And there’s always enough of that “food” to satisfy greatest appetites. What it means is that in turn less content is produced by people themselves.

I didn’t actually want to blame anybody, it’s not someone’s fault, and it will probably transform into something different during next two of years, as network landscape changes rapidly. I wanted to give my gratitude to everybody who strives to generate content regularly, regardless of what is popular, trending or viral. Cheers to all of you, you are fantastic!

Among my favorites, a few blogs worth of looking into:

  • – a nice (and fresh) blog by Jens.
  • gentle-witch – a blog of colleague and friend of mine, Zhenya (in russian).
  • shoottokyo – blog about cones:) Tokyo, life in Tokyo, streets in Tokyo
  • uno-dsm – some very cool pictures from a fellow photographer Kseniya (in russian).

As a picture, one of my top-favorites from 2009 with beautiful Tanya. Stay tuned, I have quite some new ones, and I will share them soon!