Finally at home, relaxed on a sofa, with a cup of “halswärmer yogitee” (cool stuff, btw, a bit sweet-ish though). It was a very long day today with all sorts of activities: sports, movies, board games, exhibitions and photography. I love this pace, really. It’s a little tiring, but then you have a pleasant feeling that time was well spent. As it is already late, I just share some new pics, set aside the comments. This batch is now two weekends old, walking along river Spree from Treptower Park towards Oberbaumbrücke.  Enjoy!

Buildings along the Spree


View towards Alexanderplatz from Oberbaumbrücke.

And some more excited fellow photographers in color:

"Go, baby, go!"

"Hey, who's there!"

"That thing there. It took 5 minutes to expose"

Thanks for stopping by today.