My sensei tought me that abbreviation 🙂 Thank God it’s Friday it means. Ain’t it nice? Indeed Friday it is. And in front of me lies still a day full of interesting and challenging work, and probably a nice Friday evening, you never know what happens.

For weeks now I have a feeling that I have to rearrange something in my home: sell or throw away certain things, buy some new, and improve some existing ones. For example, I want to kick those wheels out of under my SKRUVSTA chair. Bad news are that I didn’t find necessary “plastic legs” in IKEA catalog, will have to go there in person.  Main challenge would be then not to buy something that looks reaaally good but something I don’t need at all:)

Also, I’m slowly thinking of what should I put to my list when travelling to Japan.. That’d be my fist long-way trip so I could miss somthing. What do you usually miss/forget when travelling? Let me learn from somebody else’s mistakes and make my own anyway😉

By the way, in the picture it’s view of my house’s courtyard now. Somebody nice scattered (on purpose?) some colorful balls all over the place 🙂 And it looks very cheerful to me 🙂


Thanks for stopping by today.