Good morning, everybody! Today writing in the morning, yep. The reason is – I somehow ended up asleep at 10pm last evening. Sometimes I find this really necessary or otherwise it would be impossible to sustain the tempo. Yesterday it was a “sports day”: an 1.5h training at 8 am preparing legs for running and a 5km run at 8pm to relax after work. Recently I discovered that either because of running in the evenings or because of swimming more regularly I get it easy to stay within 2 HR zone at much better speed 🙂 Or perhaps I just got better in jogging *g*. Anybody has experience in swimming & jogging? Would be nice to know how it goes along.

Pictures. We have a beautiful Indian Summer keeping temperatures high enough and the sky clear. It’s really one of the best times in Berlin – not too warm, not too cold, sunny, but not too sunny – if you know what I mean – gentle autumn sun. Thus, pictures are now in color. Reserving black and white for the gloomy weather 😉

Today’s going to be another cool day – lots of happennings at work and a relaxing Japanese in the evening 🙂 And I wish you to have a very nice day too!

Thanks for stopping by.