Now more and more getting this feeling that street photography is better in black and white. No colour to distract, only shape, light and shadows. And people. Yup, as I’ve committed to myself, continuing walking with standard lenses and sometimes even with ultra-wide-angle to get closer. Sometimes, but not always 😉 So in couple of pictures you’ll see below I cheated and used some telephoto ones. Just can’t resist the temptation to use them, they’re my favourite still.

News now. I got my Japan Rail Pass! That means, I’ve paid for all (or almost all) of my upcoming railway trips in one go and I’ll be able to enjoy shinkansen trains as much as I want 🙂 That’s perhaps my first journey that I prepare to. At least that much. We’ll see how it goes in the end:) By the way, if you have any Japanese friends living in Tokyo or Kyoto who want to practice English (or Russian), I’ll be glad to have a nice walk and a chat.

Today went to Helmut Newton and Alice Springs: Us and Them & Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes exhibitions. Both are really good and they will end in November so don’t postpone too much if you wanted to pass by.

It was a very busy week and I feel next one will be packed even more tightly. So please wish me luck. And maybe a little bit of rest. Sometimes I feel I really have troubles with calming down and just enjoying what’s happening around. Thanks to all my friends for teaching me it from time to time: it was amazing weekend which started on Friday evening with some ramen and hours of playing PS, drifted into an awesome dinner, whisky and jazz and now finishing with some homework like this post;)

Wow, that one ended up being quite lengthy. Thanks for reading. And thanks for coming.