DISCLAIMER: I work at HERE with an amazing team of great engineers developing Directions Services. Therefore my impressions can be a bit biased, because, well, I am really proud of what we do 🙂 This post reflects only my personal feelings and opinions.

Hi everybody. Today we’ve got a nice chance to get to IFA exhibition to have a look at all the advancements in consumer electronics: that is, everything. Really, anything from cellphone pouches to cars (btw, even Tesla Model S was there) was there. But you’ll get all sorts of reports on the web if you search for them. I just wanted to share some pictures of HERE Maps that I had a chance to touch on Samsung Gear S watch and few impressions of those. First, pictures.

Sorry, they’re a bit ‘insta’-fied so colors are a bit not real, but I didn’t have anything but my Lumia with me. And I do this kind of ‘filter stuff’, yeah.

Impressions, now:

  • I really loved the rendering of the map. Smooth. It is not tiles, guys. It is dynamic rendering. And it is very fast. And beautiful.
  • Directions are available using pedestrian and public transportation. And app features some sort of navigation, which is cool. (Didn’t have a chance to check it out, all watches were instantly losing power when taken off the stand).
  • Amount of functionality that’s in is surprisingly big. Especially for a watch.

There are also some areas to improve and I’m sure that app will get even better in future. But, really, to all in HERE (and, believe me, there are lots of people involved to make this happen): Good Job!

More info you can also get on HERE 360 Official Blog, btw. Check it out, it’s cool 🙂

Thanks for staying with me.