I don’t know if other photographers feel the same (definitely not all of them, heh), but I am generally very shy taking pictures of people. Especially this applies to random people in the street. Lately I decided that I should work on it, and part of this decision was to switch from 70-200 to 24-70 for street photography. Camera looks still pretty large and intimidating, but at least it makes me to get closer to the subject. And it’s lighter 🙂 So see the latest pictures from the streets: mostly done on my short commute from home to the office.

How do you shoot people in the street? I know some photographers who ask people if they could make a picture, but then you loose the moment.. Others use smaller or different cameras, but still, cameras don’t do it all, do they?

Apart from pictures.. Busy, busy, busy. And, this Thursday I’m going to listen to some piano at last: Berliner Philarmoniker is back from holidays 🙂 And one more nice concert is scheduled, so I’m happy 🙂 This time it will be Yann Tiersen. I didn’t ever think he has concerts, but even better like that – I’ve got no idea what to expect.

Bis nächstes mal, おやすみなさい and thanks for staying with me.