One sees this phrase right when they exit S-Bahn station. Sounds promising, right? And promise is kept. According to the official web page, Adlershof is Germany’s leading Science and Technology park containing ten Non-University Research Institutes, six Natural Science departments of Humboldt University and some 1000 businesses. It is also a relatively recently developed area with some very nice pieces of modern architecture and some interesting historical buildings.

What else? It was also very dead when we’ve been there. We’ve spent around good 2-3 hours there and apart from 2-3 persons, couple of cars and an empty tram passed by (once) there was no other movement or happenings. The whole park had a little “ghosty” feeling. But it could be different now, when school holidays are gone and, perhaps, if you visit the place some time different from sunday evening 😉 By the way, if you still decide to visit the place on Sunday, don’t expect any coffee anywhere close and prepare in advance.

I do recommend looking into the official web page for further information in case you’re interested in this place as it contains all the information about every aspect of the park, it feels.

Cloudy Head

Big Bros are Watching You

Institut for Light and Optics

Textures and Light



65. Almost 42

Rain & Sunshine


Institut for Bioengineering


We also were very lucky to get some rain during our stay there and some very nice rainbow 🙂 And of course I couldn’t resist capturing even more geometry which has not so much in common with Adlershof, but is fascinating in itself.


Thanks for staying with me. More coming very soon.