I love when some of my friends from Russia visits me here. It is really cool to walk around the places that I’ve visited dozens of times, and yet find something new because there’s always something that you haven’t seen before. And all those chats, all that sharing that happens.. I really really love it.

It is nice to live in such a city like Berlin. But at the same time it’s so sad always explaining how it is and what it is and realising that “those guys there, they really have no idea what I am talking about..”. It is so different here. I’m not saying “better”, everybody decides for themselves what’s better for them, but it is so not like in my hometown that one can smash their head against the wall trying to express it and yet achieve no understanding on the other side. But then, meeting here magically tells the story.

Anyway, we had a charming walk in the evening. See pictures.

Thanks for staying with me.