I actually think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the city. It is an underground station U-Bahnhof Bundestag (U55). Now it mostly looks to me as station made either for politicians travelling from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Regierungsviertel (Government Quarters) or for tourists 🙂 That is because U55 line has only three stops, two of which are terminal. Some time in future though, line will be connected with U5 and we’ll get a possibility to get to Hbf using U-Bahn. But words aside, have a look yourself.

Photos were made during a “Tripod Sunday” with Jens and Lejla. And again I should thank those guys for letting me use one of their tripods. Buy the way, these are not the only pictures taken this day, there’re more to come 🙂

And, “most important” news of the day. I’m proud;) I watched all the Doctor Who up to the end of S07. And I can say that (even though I didn’t like him in the beginning), Eleventh Doctor is great. Matt Smith, thank you. That was great 🙂 And most likely I’ll see you again tomorrow. Because, guess what, tomorrow, in CineStar, special screening of S08E01! And I’m happy holder of a ticket ^_^

Now, that said, I’m thinking I should watch less TV Shows and spend more time with my friends 🙂 Sorry guys, I’ll be more active 🙂 Now, kana, I have to get back to you…

Thanks for staying with me.