I don’t use tripods. Either because mine is way too heavy or because I am generally impatient. But then there are people who use them all the time and can’t imagine taking pictures without one. And they really make it work, I must say. Living example is Jens and Leila. I really loved what they do, and it’s so much different from my usual style of taking pictures: very patient, very slow, meticulous.

In the end I had lots of fun time having a chit chat in time of those unbelievably long 30-80 second exposures. And even tried one myself ^_^. It’s not hard, but needs lots of preparation and a good feeling of wide-angle photography. I don’t have a so-good-one so my pics came out pretty ordinary, but I still like them a lot.

First two are ones made with ND filters. Others I’ll share later, they kind of don’t fit 🙂 So stay tuned.

And thanks for staying with me.