Some days are important. Some are very important. August is a pretty nice and important month in my life. After May, and, perhaps, July, and November.. Now, that said, I feel bad to other months which I didn’t give my gratitude. Well, forget then what I’ve told you earlier. All days are important. All months as well. Because they pass. And they leave you memories. And even though those are not always nice, it’s already very cool that there is something to remember.

You know what’s also important? To go to bed early, esp. if you have to go to the office next day. And not to go too deep into philosophy, doesn’t help much in life;) Actually, I just didn’t fall asleep and decided to post some more pictures. These are ones from the other week. This weekend, by the way, we had quite an amazing walk around my favourite places in Berlin with Jens and Leila and it seems there will be some cool pictures 🙂 As soon as they are ready.

Okay, now seriously. Good night.
And thanks for staying with me.