Did I say that I’ve started learning Japanese? Yup, that is a very very cool language, and, by all means, not a simple one. But it’s also a lot of fun. Most of all, feeling that this time you actually learn something really, really new excites with every new word 🙂 For example, try to spell out your name in this language, just to see how it looks. Mine looks like this: あれくせい. Isn’t it beautiful (it’s also not that phonetically correct, but it’s not Japanese either)?

But let’s put aside something that I shouldn’t be showing off yet (or ever), straight to the point. Thanks to the classes I did manage to find one wonderful place in Berlin. It’s called Ceciliengärten, and it’s the first of its kind I’ve seen here. Located in south-west of the city, it is so so quiet, so cozy and so-not-berlin… well, to me. Anyway, just have your look. Does it look “Berlin” to you?

P.S.: Spent one hour trying to understand why the *unicorn* all my unicode characters are converted to question marks. Guess what? Half of my database was in utf-8, and half in cp-1251. Just like that. So now, repeat: I will never let any hoster-defined script set up my wordpress, I will never…

Thanks for staying with me,