Did I already say that Berlin is AWESOME? Well, I have to repeat it. Some days are particularly so, “awesome squared” if you want. Some days you just take your camera with you to the office and you get so much fun. I absolutely love this city. And days like this one. It was Monday, by the way. Who said that nothing good happens on Mondays? 🙂

Actually, this post almost turned into one of these “photographer-to-photographer” philosophical ones on the subject “why it’s important to take the camera with you all the time”,  but reading afterwards what I wrote, I decided that I don’t want to loose remains of my audience;) So instead just a few shots from this particular day.

And for the ones asking me same question again and again – “how to take good pictures?”: get inspired, get to know your camera, carry it with you as much as you can and *most important* do shoot. There’ll be days you would want to throw all the batch away and perhaps the camera into the wall, but they’ll pass. And they’ll fade away, unlike good days and good pictures, that will not.

Can’t get rid of this “teachy” tone, can I? Hope you’re still here. So, nice days look like this:

Thanks for staying with me, Alexey