One Sunday not so long ago we went to take pictures with one of my colleagues, Jeff. That time, the target was Kreuzberg. And additionally it also started raining right away as we got to the place. I must say I love such rain: when you can still rest and stay dry under the tree and you don’t soak that much in open spaces.

I am still somehow reluctant to go to x-berg. It has a strong association in my mind with crazy people %) But if you can read me now, it was all good. Anyway, that was a great evening.

Also I would give a little thanks to Slow Travel Berlin and their guide. There are indeed some unconventional places there (some of which I hardly feel will ever become mainstream) of which I didn’t know living here for a couple of years now. But that’s no wonder: Berlin is huge and most of its jewels are hidden very well from public. Even today I’ve got to know a new one, but that’s a topic for later: first I need to visit the place with a camera so you believe me;)

Yeah, please forgive me if for my writing. I didn’t write anything except for emails at work so my skills are rusty and I need to practice. It’ll get better.

Thanks for staying with me. Ciao.