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Adlershof – We did it

Story through the lens is one part, but it doesn’t convey the story around it. So, here are few pictures by me and Jens. It was really fun. And I really need to get more relaxed when someone’s taking images of myself, I’m so not used to it 🙂

I would add that I will gladly return to this place again in autumn cause it should look even more awesome this season. And even though we spent there quite some time, there are still places we haven’t visited. But that’s a plan for the future.

Thanks for staying with me.

Adlershof – Science At Work

One sees this phrase right when they exit S-Bahn station. Sounds promising, right? And promise is kept. According to the official web page, Adlershof is Germany’s leading Science and Technology park containing ten Non-University Research Institutes, six Natural Science departments of Humboldt University and some 1000 businesses. It is also a relatively recently developed area with some very nice pieces of modern architecture and some interesting historical buildings.

What else? It was also very dead when we’ve been there. We’ve spent around good 2-3 hours there and apart from 2-3 persons, couple of cars and an empty tram passed by (once) there was no other movement or happenings. The whole park had a little “ghosty” feeling. But it could be different now, when school holidays are gone and, perhaps, if you visit the place some time different from sunday evening 😉 By the way, if you still decide to visit the place on Sunday, don’t expect any coffee anywhere close and prepare in advance.

I do recommend looking into the official web page for further information in case you’re interested in this place as it contains all the information about every aspect of the park, it feels.

Cloudy Head

Big Bros are Watching You

Institut for Light and Optics

Textures and Light



65. Almost 42

Rain & Sunshine


Institut for Bioengineering


We also were very lucky to get some rain during our stay there and some very nice rainbow 🙂 And of course I couldn’t resist capturing even more geometry which has not so much in common with Adlershof, but is fascinating in itself.


Thanks for staying with me. More coming very soon.

Good Saturday Morning

Yes yes yes! I’ve slept more than 9 hours this night! Yes! …a-and I fe-e-e-e-e-e-l good! Now I have to kick my ass out of home or I’m late 🙂 See you soon!

Cloudy Head

Btw, name for this picture’s been already reserved by Jens. But since pictures are very different, I let myself use it, putting this notice 🙂 Last week we went to one of other charming places in Berlin – Adlershof. And charming it was indeed – I somewhat feel that people from SlowTravelBerlin didn’t lie when saying that their guide is unconventional but really good 🙂 So, stay tuned, there’ll be a post with more pictures and impressions.

Cloudy Head

Did I thank you for staying with me?

Another Evening Walk

I love when some of my friends from Russia visits me here. It is really cool to walk around the places that I’ve visited dozens of times, and yet find something new because there’s always something that you haven’t seen before. And all those chats, all that sharing that happens.. I really really love it.

It is nice to live in such a city like Berlin. But at the same time it’s so sad always explaining how it is and what it is and realising that “those guys there, they really have no idea what I am talking about..”. It is so different here. I’m not saying “better”, everybody decides for themselves what’s better for them, but it is so not like in my hometown that one can smash their head against the wall trying to express it and yet achieve no understanding on the other side. But then, meeting here magically tells the story.

Anyway, we had a charming walk in the evening. See pictures.

Thanks for staying with me.

Fellow Photographers

Finally, most of pictures from last Sunday are developed, and I could sit down and relax a minute before we go exploring again. Well, not that much of sitting down, but rather running away, literally. Sudden autumn came to Berlin (and, people say, to the rest of Germany as well) so it’s also quite cold now, but some wind-stopper cloths should be enough to feel warm. And also looking through the summer pictures always gives one a little bit of warmth, right? So, have a look. I did say that I mostly didn’t use tripod last Sunday, that is, because I mostly took pictures of Jens & Lejla: photographers taking pictures of fellow photographers at work 🙂

Have fun watching. And thanks for staying with me.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

The favourite of mine. So far no train station I’ve seen made me feel the same as this one. It is huge. It is busy. It feels light and transparent. It feels inviting and cool. 16 tracks, if I’m not  mistaken with all kinds if trains coming through. And to me it is very beautiful. Some people though think it’s ugly, so it’s up to one to have a look and decide.

Some images, are, btw, from last Sunday. But I couldn’t help myself from fetching couple more from the archives. It seems I spent quite some time in this station 🙂

Thanks for staying with me.

U-Bhf. Bundestag

I actually think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the city. It is an underground station U-Bahnhof Bundestag (U55). Now it mostly looks to me as station made either for politicians travelling from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Regierungsviertel (Government Quarters) or for tourists 🙂 That is because U55 line has only three stops, two of which are terminal. Some time in future though, line will be connected with U5 and we’ll get a possibility to get to Hbf using U-Bahn. But words aside, have a look yourself.

Photos were made during a “Tripod Sunday” with Jens and Lejla. And again I should thank those guys for letting me use one of their tripods. Buy the way, these are not the only pictures taken this day, there’re more to come 🙂

And, “most important” news of the day. I’m proud;) I watched all the Doctor Who up to the end of S07. And I can say that (even though I didn’t like him in the beginning), Eleventh Doctor is great. Matt Smith, thank you. That was great 🙂 And most likely I’ll see you again tomorrow. Because, guess what, tomorrow, in CineStar, special screening of S08E01! And I’m happy holder of a ticket ^_^

Now, that said, I’m thinking I should watch less TV Shows and spend more time with my friends 🙂 Sorry guys, I’ll be more active 🙂 Now, kana, I have to get back to you…

Thanks for staying with me.

Bhf. Friedrichstraße

A friend of mine stays now in a hotel right in front of S Bhf. Friedrichstraße. It’s really cool that they let me in so I could take a picture of it, I am very happy 🙂 I so much love train stations that I just can’t stop shooting them, and here would be a completely different angle. So cool. This time I really missed the tripod (see the latter post, huh) – it was pretty dark outside and picture ended up being quite noisy. But station is still beautiful isn’t it?

S+U Bhf. Friedrichstraße

Anybody lives near Hauptbahnhof by chance?;)

Thanks for staying with me.

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