I will intentionally write this post in English, please excuse me everybody for the inconvenience:) By the way, as English is not my native language either, please don’t blame me for mistakes – they just occur.

So, now I’m in the bus driving from Czech Republic towards Berlin. I happened to be in Prague and Karlovi Vary very unexpectedly – I found out about trip only several days before actually taking off. So what, you say? Well, I just want to share my experience of using… oops, not yet the time. First things first.

I’m not familiar with Europe. Although I live here for a few months, I am still surprised quite often by the order of things. I’ve never been to Czech before, never even thought of it. The whole trip was just a happy coincidence. It was also a discovery for me that Prague is as much as 4 hours-by-bus far from Berlin. So how did the trip looked like? No planning, two tickets, no internet connection in roaming. Just my (already beloved) N9 NOKIA phone and preloaded maps of Germany and Czech Republic.

Two tickets, three days. When I came to Karlovy Vary it was plain to me that there is no free WiFi connection available anywhere. Still having maps (with landmarks) preloaded I managed to walk through the whole.. hm.. city.. having no problem to navigate. I would outline the no problem: it was absolutely no problem. Without using 3G network (remember, roaming) phone worked in navigation mode whole day (of course it was lying in th pocket from time to time) and battery didn’t die even in the late evening.

Things got trickier when I got to Prague: you can cross Karlovy Vary in 30 minutes but you don’t have a chance to achieve that in Prague. It is much bigger, much more crowded, and much less polished in terms of public transport (if you compare it to Berlin in particular). But surprisingly, again it went smoothly. I didn’t use PublicTransport Application since it requires being online, but PT routing in maps application worked for me like a charm. With it I was able not only to get to the Hotel without wasting my time, I was able to create and follow the one-day-through-the-city route considering PT connections – way to get from A to B faster, way to explore. I also forgot to mention 3D Landmarks that actually were my checkpoints – I knew nothing about the sights in the city beforehand.

So, what’s the point? Well, it is simple. Everything ran smo-o-othly. That smooth as if I was in the unfamiliar district of Berlin, or my Hometown, as if I knew where I was heading. I found places I wanted to visit, I always knew where I was, and I had very strong feeling of safety. To be honest, all that was unexpected for me. Even more, I was rather skeptical about NOKIA products, maps not exception. But from now on I know that I can rely on that service. And I will recommend it to anybody using iPhone or Android or whatever.

There is still way to improve the service: for example I was really missing the feature of displaying my current orientation in a simple ‘arrow’ way. I missed it badly when I had to walk about 100 meters just to realize that I initially picked wrong direction. But when you pick one right, then you have no chance of being lost.

And indeed NOKIA makes adventure possible. Moreover, they make safe adventure possible. Expected adventure, if you want.
Thank you, NOKIA, again.