Я не могу спокойно смотреть этот эпизод. Не мо-гу. Как же я люблю эту парочку. И как же они напоминают мне себя, моих друзей, подруг – всех.

Любите друг друга.

Ross : Look, I did a terrible, stupid, stupid thing okay ? And I’m sorry, I wish I could take it back, but I can’t. I just can’t see us throwing away something we know is so damn good. Rachel, I love you so much.
Rachel : No Ross, don’t ! You can’t just kiss me and think you’re gonna make it all go away, okay ? It doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t just make it better okay ?
Ross : Okay, okay, okay.
Rachel : I think you should go.
Ross : What ?
Rachel : I really think you need to go now.
Ross : Okay, okay. This morning you said there was nothing so big that we couldn’t work past it together …
Rachel : Yeah, what the hell did I know !
Ross : Look, there’s got to be a way we can work past this. I can’t imagine, I can’t imagine my life without you. Without, without these arms, and your face, and this heart. Your good heart Rach, and…

Rachel : No. I can’t, you’re a totally different person to me now. I used to think of you as somebody that would never, ever hurt me, ever. God, and now I just can’t stop picturing with her, I can’t, it doesn’t matter what you say, or what you do, Ross. It’s just changed, everything. Forever.
Ross : Yeah, but this can’t be it, I mean.
Rachel : Then how come it is ?

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